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Extremist Bourhan Hraichie has added ten years to his 34-year jail term for whipping cellmate

Extremist Bourhan Hraichie has added ten years to his 34-year jail term for whipping cellmate

March 5, 2020 » Today News »


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An extremist who plotted to kill police officers and carved “eye for an eye” into a cellmate’s forehead has had ten years added to his maximum 34-year sentence in a Sydney court today over a separate attack on another inmate.

Bourhan Hraichie lashed his cellmate with a cable about 30 times over a disagreement about missing morning prayers in May 2017.

Sameh Bayda was kept hogtied with strips of bed sheet for about half an hour during the assault. Bayda, had himself been convicted of plotting a terror attack with wife Alo-Bridget Namoa, the couple self-styling as a ‘Jihadi Bonnie and Clyde’.

Hraichie had been arrested in 2015 after he spoke to an associate about his plan to coordinate the shooting of police officers on the steps of Bankstown Police Station and film it on a GoPro camera.

A teenager at the time, Hraichie had hidden guns as well as knives in preparation for the attack.
After being arrested for breaching his parole, Hraichie assaulted cellmate Michael O’Keefe, a former soldier, in an attack that his sentencing judge called “ferocious and terrifying”.

Hraichie punched him, attempted to “waterboard” him and carved “E4E” into his forehead.
He later claimed O’Keefe had disrespected his religion.

The extremist had been transferred to Goulburn Supermax when he wrote to then-Corrective Services Commissioner and said he’d turned the soldier “into an Islamic State sketchpad”.

“If you do not stop your staff from oppressing me, then I will personally execute you in public,” Hraichie wrote.

He later told police officers that he looked forward to beheading someone because of the feeling it would give him.

He also praised the killer of Curtis Cheng as a “little lion”.

Source: 9News