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GFATF - LLL - Fadi Adel Jamal Al din

Lawyer: Fadi Adel Jamal al-Din

Place of Birth: Lebanon;

Nationality: Lebanese;

General Info:
Fadi Adel Jamal al-Din is an attorney with numerous ties to Hezbollah related individuals and entities that are part of the BAC network.

Jamal al-Din served as the attorney for numerous companies established by Rana Abd al-Rahim Koleilat during her tenure at Bank Al Madina, including:

– Rana Travel Limited SARL;

– Rana K. Holding SAL;

– R 2679 Real Estate SAL;

– Sweet SARL I&R;

– Al Madina Flowers SARL;

– R and I Real Estate SAL;

– V 46 Real Estate;

– MD Group Cleaning SARL;

– Intimo SARL;

Jamal al-Din served as attorney for at least four companies affiliated with senior BAC facilitator Saleh Ali Assi:

– Al Mansouri Real Estate Company;

– Salasko Offshore SAL;

– V69 Real Estate SAL;

– Sol Blanc SAL;

Jamal al-Din served as attorney for the following companies controlled by the Nassour clan:

– Centrum Mark SAL;

– Center Real Estate SAL;

– La National SAL (co-founder and attorney);

– Serene Real Estate SAL (co-founder and attorney);

Jamal al-Din served as attorney for the following companies controlled by the Ahmad clan:

– United Investment Group SAL;

– Paloma Group SAL;

– Spider Group SAL;

– Triple A for Development SAL;

– Hariss 929 Real Estate SAL;

– Golden Square SAL;

– Triple A Team Ltd;

– Ali Ahmed Group – Holding SAL;

– ACE Group SAL;

– Diane Real Estate SAL;

– A&H Team SAL;

– Al-Sirat Holding SAL;

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