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ISIS fanatics have set up secret camps inside Europe

ISIS fanatics have set up secret camps inside Europe

January 23, 2016 » Today News » /


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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Islamic State are plotting mass casualty terror atrocities in Europe following the massacres in France last year, the EU’s crime-fighting agency has warned.

The terror group claims have to hundreds of militants in countries across the continent ready to bring murder and mayhem to the streets, said Europol.

This militants have set up a specialist command after carrying out horrifying strikes against Western targets, including the machine gun assault and suicide bombings which murdered 130 people in Paris last November.

A report by Europol, the agency set up to share intelligence, crime-fighting techniques and bolster cross-border police co-operation, said there was ‘every reason’ to expect another IS attack.

It said: ‘There is every reason to expect that IS, IS-inspired terrorists or another religiously inspired terrorist group will undertake a terrorist attack somewhere in Europe again, intended to cause mass casualties amongst the civilian population.

‘This is in addition to the threat of lone actor attacks, which has not diminished.’

IS is preparing more strikes by marauding machinegun-wielding gunmen that echo the Mumbai atrocities in 2008 after repeating the tactics in the French capital.

Intelligence suggested IS had developed an ‘external actions command’ trained for Special Forces-style operations abroad, said the report.

Source: Daily Mail