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GFATF - LLL - Fatah Abdullah

Fatah Abdullah

June 17, 2020 Extremists

Born: 1986;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Iranian;

General Info:
Fatah Abdullah is an Kurdish asylum seeker who tried to incite a German terror cell to carry out a mass attack by driving into a crowd and then hacking down the survivors with a meat cleaver.

Abdullah was smuggled into Britain in the back of a lorry when he was 20. He claimed to be Iranian when he arrived, and was granted asylum.

Abdullah bought chemicals, over 8,000 matches, an igniter fuse, and a remote-control detonator on eBay and Amazon from April 2018.

He also stockpiled bomb making equipment to help arm his co-conspirators. When police raided his flat in the Arthur’s Hill area of the city in December 2018 they discovered propaganda videos showing children beheading prisoners and animations of lorries exploding at well known UK landmarks.

Abdullah, whose origin remains a mystery, had scribbled notes supportive of the Islamic State and ‘violent jihad’. A review of the browsing history on his mobile phone showed searches for pressure, and the use and manufacture of gunpowder.

Six weeks later (in January 2019), German police raided apartments in Meldorf and Elpersbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein after a surveillance operation.

Omar Babek and Ahmed Hussein were accused of plotting to drive a vehicle packed with 10kg of TNT into a crowd and then attack passers-by with a meat cleaver.

In March 2008, Abdullah was charged with public disorder and spent a short spell in jail. Four months later he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after he had a dispute with his partner and attempted to jump off the Tyne Bridge.

In 2013, his mental health deteriorated again and was said to be suffering from nightmares, inadequate self-care, and at moderate risk of self-harm.

Abdullah claimed that he had been hearing heard voices since before he arrived in Britain, made worse by a beating in 2010.

He was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and personality disorder along with a long-term diagnosis of PTSD. A psychiatric nurse cared for him for two years.

In Belmarsh, he talked about voices telling him to kill himself, talked about wanting to burn himself and was refusing to eat.

Abdullah told a psychiatrist that he used to smoke, drink and take prescribed anti-depressants and that he ‘feels that he let himself down.’

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