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Fawaz Muhammad Jubayr Al-Rawi

Born: 1974;

Gender: Male;

Place of Birth: Albu Kamal, Syria;


In 2014 al-Rawi pledged loyalty to ISIS and joined the group, which considered al-Rawi important due to his contacts outside of Syria.

As of mid-August 2015, al-Rawi facilitated ISIS financial operations and oversaw money exchanges, money storage, and facilitation of payments to ISIS fighters. During that same time, he hosted ISIS leaders, including top level ISIS commanders and fighters, at his farm in Albu Kamal for weekly meetings.

As of May 2016, al-Rawi was an ISIS finance emir and senior ISIS financier who owned and operated Hanifa Exchange’s Albu Kamal branch near his residence in Albu Kamal, Syria. This money exchange business was used exclusively for ISIS-related transactions.

As of spring 2016, al-Rawi stored large amounts of cash for ISIS and controlled the value of U.S. dollars in Albu Kamal.

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