LLL - GFATF - Financial aspects of Boko Haram

Financial aspects of Boko Haram

Boko Haram is not an isolated organization that operates independently. The organization is well connected to the government in Nigeria.

Main funders of Boko Haram:
-Former Prime Minister – Senior member of the opposition party;
-A senior official at the Nigerian central Bank – Former Nigerian army chief of staff;

In 2004 the charity’s director, Sheik Muhiddeen Abdullahi, was arrested. It was discovered that he had conducted millions of dollars worth of financial transactions with the fundamentalist cleric Alhaji Sharu.

Part of the Boko Haram financial resources includes:
-fake charity organizations, extortion, and deals with global drug cartels;

It can be assumed that the budget for the Boko Haram organization is big budget because of the accessibility to the Central Bank.

Can assume the financing channels of the Boko Haram organization based on the local banking system.

Quite possibly that the affiliation with the Central Bank, the financing channels penetrate to international financial market.