Four construction workers shot dead in Kenya

Four construction workers shot dead in Kenya

The construction site is near Kenya’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab, which houses some 300,000 refugees, mainly Somalians fleeing drought.

It’s in Garissa county near the border with Somalia, where the al-Shabab militant group is based.

Al-Shabab militants have carried out attacks in Garissa county in the past, although one officer told the newspaper the attackers may have been local militiamen opposed to the project.

Kenyan police said the workers were resting after their shifts when gunmen attacked their accommodation.

Officers found two bodies in the accommodation and two more in a thicket.

Four other workers succeeded in hiding in the vegetation.

Police found some 65 spent cartridges at the scene.

The victims were named as Jacob Munyoki, Alex Mutemi, Raphael Musila, and Mutinda Mwende.

Northern Kenya has been the site of a number of attacks in recent days.

Last Wednesday, police at the Mandera border point recovered an improvised explosive device, and two herders were killed by gunmen at a watering point there.

In April, five people were killed in a donkey cart explosion in Elwak town.

The recent attacks have forced the government to suspend plans to reopen the 700km Kenya-Somalia border that was closed in 2011, though illegal crossings are still rampant.
No budget was given for the programme of works.

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