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Ganj Madrassa

Full Name: Jamia Taleem-Ul-Quran-Wal-Hadith Madrassa;

1. Gunj Gate, Phandu Road, Peshawar, Pakistan;
2. Near the Baron Gate, Ganj area of Peshawar, Pakistan;
3. Lahori and Yaka Tote Rd. at the intersection near the Ganj Gate;


Under Shaykh Aminullah’s leadership, the Ganj Madrassa has trained and harbored Taliban fighters who have subsequently been dispatched to Afghanistan.

As of early 2013, he was recruiting for Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT) at the Ganj Madrassa and, as of late 2012, was hosting al-Qa’ida operatives there.

He provided assistance, including funds and recruits, to al-Qaida. In addition, Aminullah directs donations received by the Ganj Madrassa to jihadist fighters battling coalition forces in Afghanistan and also used the money to train madrassa students to become Taliban fighters.

Shaykh Aminullah frequently travels to the Gulf to obtain charity donations on the madrassa’s behalf.

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