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Germany’s listing of Hezbollah as a terrorist group means more than a simple proclamation

Germany’s listing of Hezbollah as a terrorist group means more than a simple proclamation


  • LLL-GFATF-Hezbollah Hezbollah Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamist militant group and political party based...[+]

 Affected Countries: germany; lebanon;

As a direct descendant of Holocaust survivors and of many who perished in the Shoah, I am extremely relieved and gratified that Germany finally listed Hezbollah, one of the most notorious terrorist groups in our world, with deeply antisemitic and anti-Zionist roots.

Germany took a major step forward in the global battle against antisemitism and terrorism in this measure and ensure to the world that they are active in this fight and have taken a concrete measure to demonstrate their stance in the matter.

With Germany’s Interior Ministry finally making this designation official, the country once responsible for one of the darkest moments in humanity has served some subtle justice to the Jewish state, its people, and the Jewish diaspora at large.

While it is a major milestone for Germany as a matter of national security, it is very symbolic at the same time. The modern-day antisemites of the world have been designated as the most dangerous kind of group possible by the very country who had committed such vile acts of antisemitic terror in the 1930s and 40s.

A complete change of scenery is now in place in Germany regarding how terror and antisemitism are handled. While the unfortunate fact is that antisemitism is increasing at rates never seen before, the German government is doing its part to combat some of the greatest international security threats, with obvious antisemitic intent.

Hezbollah is one of the gravest threats to the world, threatening death amongst Israelis, Americans and any Jew for that matter, in the vilest and hateful ways imagined. With rising rates of Islamic immigration to Europe, these extremist views are spreading rapidly, and the radicalism can certainly spread into lethal violence, as seen with the rise in white supremacy.

It should be known that not only did Hezbollah fund and provide resources to its proxies in Germany, but it was also discovered that Hezbollah funded neo-Nazis individuals and institutions in Germany, which proves that those who carry views from the extreme right and radical Islamism have the ability to join together in their hatred and violence against Jewish people and Israel.

The raids across the country certainly have ensured that any weaponry and written materials that may be used in any future attack are limited and that they can now be examined for further investigative and security purposes. It is surely promising to see such immediate action taken against direct affiliates of this brutal terrorist organization while the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

The impressive part of the listing is how a G7 nation can enhance its national security procedures during a worldwide health crisis and be looked upon in a very positive light, from stakeholder around the world who were once staunch rivals of Germany during the last worldwide health crisis in 1918 (Spanish flu).

My family has been subject to some of the most horrific consequences for simply being proud Jews in Europe. While the majority of antisemitic crimes against humanity came from the extreme right Nazis, in modern times today we see antisemitic-intended deaths from Islamic terrorism as well.

This is why there was no better moment than the present for Hezbollah to be listed to the same standard that Nazi and neo-Nazi groups have historically been portrayed as, terrorists with the intent of killing the Jewish people and its only nation.

While Germany will never be able to unease the pain of the Holocaust and right that wrong, they sure have played a part in 2020 to stop terrorism by listing Hezbollah.

The world must remember to never forget the Shoah, and by Germany designating the modern-day forms of antisemitism through a terrorist organization proclamation, subtle justice can be claimed to those impacted by antisemitic terror.

Source: TOI