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Halima Adan Ali

Born: 10 October 1986;

Gender: Female;

Nationality: Kenya;

Passport: A1659348 (Kenya);

Kenyan ID No.: 25142129; alt. 22536936; alt. 30760317; alt. 22645786;

1. Mombasa, Kenya;
2. Nairobi, Kenya.

From the designation:

Halima played an integral role in an ISIS financial facilitation network spanning Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Eastern Africa. She worked with Waleed Ahmaed Zein to conduct transactions at the behest of Waleed’s Syria-based family member in support of ISIS fighters.

Between 2017 and early 2018, Halima received large sums of money from around the world, mostly through hawala systems, that she would forward to ISIS fighters in Syria, Libya, and central Africa. She was also used as a conduit to pass instructions, money, and accounts to Waleed. Their intricate network moved over $150,000 on behalf of ISIS.

Halima, who before becoming associated with ISIS served as an extremist recruiter and facilitator for al-Shabaab, planned to travel from East Africa to Syria and other ISIS supported areas in August 2014, but was left behind when she was arrested for activities in support of al-Shabaab. Waleed’s Syria-based family member worked through proxy channels to provide funds to secure Halima’s release from prison on bond, after which she began to work closely with him in support of ISIS. Halima was arrested again by Kenyan security services in July 2018.

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