Hamas “culture of rape” evident also in Europe – don’t be surprised

Hamas “culture of rape” evident also in Europe – don’t be surprised

After watching Camala Harris’ speech and reading about the courage of the brave Israeli victim, Amit Soussana, I decided to come forward with my story. The reason I send it to your site, is to stay anonymous, since I’m afraid of any ricochet. I’m not ready yet.

I remember meeting him for the first time during a tour I took in the Finsbury Mosque, back in February 2023. That’s when I noticed him first. He was dressed tailored carefully and he seemed very kind. He presented himself as Mohammed Kazem. We chatted a little about the mosque and its origin, and I was fascinated with his knowledge and manners. It was such a good experience so I left him my number, so we could continue talking.

About a week later he called me and asked if we could meet In Liverpool station. I wondered why he picked up this area, yet I didn’t ask, I just agreed. As we were walking, and while explaining me about the greatness of Islam, he suddenly stopped and entered a small local pub.

I remember him asking me to join him for a drink, a whiskey of sorts. We sat there for three hours. Time was flying. I was curious about women in Islam and political Islam.

At a certain point I asked him if it’s allowed to drink alcohol in Islam, for I remembered it’s not. He answered something like, that a true believer can drink, I don’t even remember why, but we went on talking.
As we came out of the pub, after much alcohol, he offered me to join him to his flat. I refused politely, claiming to have to leave and departed immediately.

We kept meeting for a couple of months, once in a while, in different pubs, discussing mostly Hamas. Islam was not an issue anymore. Since I do care about minorities in various countries and believe each group of people have the right to practice whatever they wish, I listened carefully.

On Saturday, 7th October, around noon, he called me and asked to meet urgently. It was out of our schedule, yet the sound of his voice made me comply.

He urged me to come to his flat, explaining me that he has walking problem. When he opened the door, he seemed very energetic. There was no small talk. He grabbed me, tore off my clothes, pushed me aggressively onto the bed, on my stomach, held me down firmly with his body so I couldn’t move and violently raped me anally, while shouting “All Zionist women must be raped!”

I was shocked. I tried to scream something like “I’m not a Zionist”, but I cannot really remember what I said, as my voice couldn’t come out. I tried, but couldn’t oppose him. I was badly hurt. My body was stiff. I felt enormous pain in my body. His sweat and his oral fluids were hitting my back. I was shocked.

After a couple of minutes, he stood up and left. I stayed there, lying down in pain and shock for some time.

Later I picked myself up and called a doctor friend. I decided to avoid the police out of shame and since he is known as a political figure in England. My life has dramatically changed. I felt stupid and ashamed, I even blamed myself to have gone to his apartment.

Lately I searched the web and understood who my attacker really was. I should have done it long ago.

Mohammad Kazem Sawalha is a Hamas murderer and a leading figure in Hamas.

Now he is also a brutal rapist.

GFATF-from our mailbox 18Jun