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Hamas leader Sinwar threatens to attack Israel with double force

Hamas leader Sinwar threatens to attack Israel with double force


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Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Thursday threatened Israel ahead of Jerusalem Day and used the opportunity to reject US President Donald Trump’s peace plan and the Bahrain summit.

“Trump wants to sell Jerusalem to the Zionists without paying a price,” Sinwar said, according to Channel 12 News. “I call him from here and say that I and the Palestinian people will be demonstrating along the [Gaza] fence in light of Jerusalem Day in numbers that have not been seen before.”
Sinwar threatened to attack Tel Aviv and other cities with double the force if “the enemy dares to attack once again.”

He claimed that Hamas improved its technology since the self-made rockets they shot at Tel Aviv in Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

“We developed our capabilities, and we also received financial and military support from Iran,” Sinwar said. “We will only continue and improve our capabilities. If Iran had not supported us in recent years, we would not have achieved what we achieved.”

He further claimed that Hamas launched over 1,000 rockets “at the enemy” in the confrontation before the last, including Iranian-produced grad missiles.

The Hamas leader also flatly rejected any peace initiative coming from the US president – saying that “all transactions aimed at eliminating the Palestinian issue will fail” – and called on the Arab world to do the same.

“Anyone who deals with the issue of Jerusalem is an enemy to us, and we have no dialogue with him. I call upon the leaders of the Arab countries – if you want to keep your seats, you have no choice but to choose our option, the option of liberating Palestine,” he insisted.

Sinwar promised to continue to imbue the Palestinian people with the rejection of the Jewish state.

“Generation after generation, we will continue to bring to our hearts the concept of struggle… until the end of the occupation,” he stated.

Referring to the Bahrain “economic workshop,” scheduled to take place at the end of June, he urged Arab representatives who announced their participation that “when the time comes, do not leave the house.”

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