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Hamas official detained in Saudi Arabia was permitted to raise funds

Hamas official detained in Saudi Arabia was permitted to raise funds

September 12, 2019 » Today News » /


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A senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip said on Wednesday that Mohamed Al-Khodari, his colleague imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, was actually permitted to raise funds for Palestinian by the Saudi authorities, Al-Wattan Voice has reported.

“Al-Khodari used to report to the Saudis about every activity he did in the Kingdom,” explained Mahmoud Al-Zahar. Stressing that the detained official did not carry out any secret activity, Al-Zahar pointed out that he sought and was given permission from the Saudi authorities to raise funds for the Palestinians in Gaza and the refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

“As such,” he said, “his detention cannot be justified as it is not based on legal or ethical grounds.” Al-Zahar then insisted that Saudi Arabia should release all of the Palestinian detainees in the Kingdom’s prisons.

Earlier this month, Euro-Med Observer revealed that Saudi Arabia is holding around 60 Palestinians, including Al-Khodari. Following the organisation’s report, Hamas said that most of the Palestinian detainees are its supporters.

The movement noted that Mohamed Al-Khodari was recognised by the Saudi Arabian government as its representative, and that he conducted meetings and official activities in the Kingdom on behalf of Hamas.

Source: MEM