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Hamza Elifalat

February 26, 2020 Extremists

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Palestinian;

Operating Area: West Bank;

General Info:
Hamza Elifalat is sentenced to 18 years in prison and required him to pay NIS 500,000 to the family of the woman he attacked and nearly killed.

The sentence was the second one meted out to Elifalat for the murder of Nurit Zamora, whom he stabbed in the parking lot of the Rami Levy supermarket at the Etzion Junction in 2015.

Elifalat had previously been sentenced to 14 years in prison for carrying out a terror attack, but the new conviction was for attempted murder, which will make it much more difficult for him to be paroled.

The previous decision was appealed by the family, who were extremely angry that the terrorist was not convicted for trying to murder Nurit.

Elifalat stabbed Zamora, a resident of the Chevron Hills town of Beit Hagai, in the back as she was loading groceries into her vehicle outside the supermarket. Intending to kill her, the terrorist hit her spinal column – but not the spinal cord.

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