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GFATF - LLL - Hamza Parvez

Hamza Parvez

July 17, 2020 Extremists

Born: 1995;

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Hamza Parvez (nicknamed as Hungry Hamza) is the fast food-loving jihadi that made the journey to join the Islamic State five years ago, at just 20 years old.

Originally from north west London, Parvez joined the Islamic State in 2014 – around the time the terror group seized Fallujah, in Iraq, and Raqqa, in Syria, at the height of its power.

He was from an affluent neighborhood in West London, where he attended the Holland Park School, according to British media reports. Parvez was the first British citizen known to be fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq. He lived both in Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital in Syria, and in Mosul.

He is now being held in a Kurdish prison following his captured from the group’s final stronghold.

Parvez was a pudgy Islamic State recruit known for his unusual social media posts about kittens, KFC and what passed for fast food in the so-called caliphate.

He has appeared in Islamic State propaganda videos, encouraged others to join the death cult, and once hailed the “golden era of jihad”.

Dubbed “Hungry Hamza”, he was teased by fellow jihadis for his bulging waistline – and whined about missing KFC and Nandos while in Syria.

He soon became known for his bizarre online posts, including one of him eating ice cream in Mosul. In another, he declared the United Kingdom was “not the land for us.”

Parvez claimed he himself worked as security for mosques in Baghouz, where many people were slaughtered and forced into sexual slavery. He also said he felt no guilt over his role in the group’s deadly reign of terror.

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