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Hassan Daqqou Trading

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: Specializing in general trade and import-export operations;

Role: Hassan Daqqou Trading is registered under Hassan Muhammad Daqqou’s name in the Beka’a Valley region of Lebanon;

Location: Lebanon;

Organization Established Date: 18 Jan 2014;

Address: No. 142 Niha-Main Road, Zahle, Lebanon;

Registration Number: 4004501 (Lebanon)


Hassan Daqqou Trading is specializing in general trade and import-export operations that is registered under Daqqou’s name in the Beka’a Valley region of Lebanon. Hassan Daqqou Trading is being designated pursuant to E.O. 13224, as amended, for being owned, controlled, or directed by, directly or indirectly, Daqqou.

Hassan Muhammad Daqqou (Daqqou) is a Lebanese-Syrian dual national dubbed by media as “The King of Captagon.” Daqqou has been linked to drug trafficking operations carried out by the SAA’s Fourth Division, directed by Maher al-Assad, and with cover reportedly provided by Hizballah. He was arrested in Lebanon in 2021 on drug trafficking charges associated with a massive shipment of Captagon interdicted in Malaysia on its way to Saudi Arabia, though Hizballah affiliates have reportedly facilitated Daqqou’s ability to continue to run his businesses while he was in prison. Daqqou developed a reputation as a source for Captagon and facilitator of smuggling across the Syria-Lebanon border under the protection of Hizballah associates.

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