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Al-Hebo Jewelry Company

September 12, 2019 Business Sector / /

1. Gaziantep, Turkey;
2. Raqqah, Syria;
3. Tall Abyad Street, Raqqah, Syria;
4. Sanliurfa, Turkey;

Known also as: Al-Habu Hawala; Al-Habu Jewelry; Al-Habu Jewelry And Money Exchange; Al-Habu Money Exchange; Al-Hebo.


As of late 2017, al-Hebo’s location in Gaziantep, Turkey was involved in an ISIS scheme to convert gold into cash to more efficiently and secretly send funds via hawalas in Turkey to ISIS sleeper cells in Iraq and Syria.

As of early 2017, Raqqah-based al-Hebo was a cash transfer business used by ISIS members.

In September 2016, an employee of Raqqah-based al-Hebo likely coordinated a money transfer on behalf of a now-deceased, Syria-based, ISIS senior operations official.

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