Hezbollah conducts large military exercise in Lebanon

The designated terror organization uses regular training sessions as part of its psychological warfare against Israel

Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist group and Iranian proxy, organized a large-scale military training exercise this Sunday, and invited foreign reporters to attend. The drills are considered part of the psychological warfare that the Shiite organization wages against Israel.

Hundreds of Hezbollah members were mobilized, as well as a new arsenal acquired from the Syrian civil war, consisting of more tanks, cannons and rocket launchers. The Iranian-linked group presented the drill as a “resistance maneuver” that simulates the containment of an “Israeli invasion” of Lebanon, as well as infiltrations to Israeli territory and terrorist attacks.

“On Sunday, Hezbollah will hold a major exercise in Lebanon. Tanks, missile units and infantry will participate. The exercise will be covered by many media outlets around the world,” said a statement from the terrorist organization.

The Lebanese news website Al Ahed reported that Hezbollah distributed “an invitation to members of the media who wish to visit one of the resistance camps in the south, on the occasion of the Day of Resistance and Liberation, and participate in a military maneuver showing the readiness of the resistance to defend Lebanon.”

Photos circulated on social networks showing Hezbollah’s preparations for the planned simulation in southern Lebanon. Despite the intended psychological warfare aspect, the drills are regarded as a valuable source of information for Israel. For example, the presence of anti-drone weapons and a gun resembling Israeli-issued weapons could be seen in photos and videos of the event.

These drills come at an extremely sensitive time for the region, in view of the escalation over the past few months. Nevertheless, Hezbollah had set up the area to allow it to send anti-tank missiles, snipers, bombs or to conduct an infiltration into enemy territory in record time.

Source » i24news