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Hezbollah’s role in Syria , Yemen and Iraq is precarious

Hezbollah’s role in Syria , Yemen and Iraq is precarious


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 Affected Countries: lebanon; syria; iraq; yemen;

In an interview with Al, the British Chargé d’Affairs to Beirut Martin Langden stressed that “Lebanon is going through one of the most difficult crises in its history, and its causes are complex and long-term, but serious reform and profound change are necessary.”

He also criticized the role of Hezbollah in the region, from Iraq to Syria and Yemen, calling for Lebanon’s neutrality from regional conflicts.

In addition, he waved the specter of sanctions against a number of Lebanese officials involved in cases of public theft and corruption.

And he considered, “The absence of serious reform will pose an increasing existential threat to the Lebanese nation. Therefore, political leaders and all those with influence must put aside their rivalries and personal interests, and instead show the responsibility and leadership that this moment of danger demands and a commitment to reform for the sake of the national interest.”

However, he pointed out that “despite the importance of the step to form a new government, it does not solve these problems, but without this step, Lebanon will remain stuck and drown.”

On whether the United Kingdom will impose sanctions on those responsible for the continuing crisis in Lebanon, the Chargé d’Affairs to the embassy in Beirut pointed out that “political and economic corruption has destroyed Lebanon’s stability and prosperity, and stole the future of many people.”

In addition, he added, “Perhaps we have all been very tolerant of political officials for a long time. From here we confirm that the British government is clear about not accepting the practices of these people, and we now have a“ Magnitsky ”penal system that we can use against those who steal from the Lebanese state or engage in other violations. “.

“Britain is in an active and focused discussion with the main partners to understand the best way in which the international community should encourage positive change in Lebanon, but real reform, transparency and accountability remain essential if there is a real shift in Lebanon’s prospects,” Langden said.

The Chargé d’Affairs to the British Embassy tweeted last week about the current political situation, specifically addressing the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, the president’s son-in-law, saying, “I told Bassil very frankly of Britain’s concern about Lebanon. Political leaders are dancing on the edge of an abyss, and it is imperative that all parties assume their responsibilities and act. ”

Source: Saw Beirut

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