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Hezbollah and allies are ready to support Iran in imminent US war

Hezbollah and allies are ready to support Iran in imminent US war

April 12, 2019 » Today News » /


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The US decision to blacklist the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian response by labeling the US Central Command ‘CENTCOM’ as a terrorist organization indicate that the Middle East is witnessing an unprecedented tension between Washington and Tehran, a report written and published by Elijah J. Magnier mentioned.

The Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing the US President Donald Trump to launch a war against Iran, according to the report which cited how the latter approved all of the former’s demands (revoking Iran’s nuclear deal, moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and annexing occupied Golan Heights to the ‘Israeli sovereignty’).

The report also added that Iran and its allies have been preparing for the worst possibilities, quoting an anonymous source which stressed that Hezbollah and other allying groups in Iraq are going to engage in the confrontation which is expected to be imminent.

Source: Almanar