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Hezbollah supporters confront anti-establishment Lebanese protesters

Hezbollah supporters confront anti-establishment Lebanese protesters

October 23, 2019 » Today News »


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The Jerusalem Post reports: Lebanon began a sixth day of anti-government protests on Tuesday after supporters of the Hezbollah terrorist movement and the pro-Hezbollah Amal party confronted Lebanese protestors in Beirut on Monday evening.

Videos posted on social media showed motorcycles bearing the flags of Hezbollah and Amal driving through the streets of Beirut, according to Lebanese broadcaster MTV. The motorcycles were confronted by the Lebanese Army and prevented from reaching protestors. About 200 motorcycles took part in the parade, according to Al Arabiya.

Military and security sources have stressed that the army will not confront protestors. “We will not clash with the protesters and make a problem on the ground,” said a security source to Asharq Al-Awsat. “If they are convinced, so be it, if they are not the roads will remain closed.”

Source: Breitbart