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Hezbollah terrorist group threatens Europe with Syrian refugees

Hezbollah terrorist group threatens Europe with Syrian refugees

October 9, 2019 » Today News »


  • LLL-GFATF-Hezbollah Hezbollah Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamist militant group and political party based...[+]

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In an attempt to draw European support for Lebanon as it grapples with financial unease, Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raed threatened the bloc with the sensitive issue of Syrian refugees.

“All we have to do is wave the card of Syrian refugees and all the European countries will kneel before us,” Raed said Tuesday, mirroring the comments of Turkish President Recep Erdogan who threated to reopen the route for refugees and migrants into Europe if he does not receive adequate international support.

Lebanon has been reeling under the burden of a protracted Syrian refugee crisis since 2011, which reached 1.5 million displaced persons at its climax, straining the country’s deteriorating infrastructure and further aggravating an already weakened economy.

Lebanon currently has the highest concentration of refugees per capita in the world – 1 million amid a Lebanese population of nearly 5 million according to estimates.

Source: Annahar