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8 year old was raped hundreds of times by ISIS members

8 year old was raped hundreds of times by ISIS members

July 4, 2018 » Kids Under Fire »


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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About the sex slave trade in the ISIS-held territory, Dr Jan Kizilhan, a Germany-based expert said an 8-year-old girl was sold 10 times in a period of eight months by ISIS fighters.

She was raped hundreds of times every day during the 8-month-long ordeal, said Kizilhan who is the Dean of the Institute of Psychotherapy & Psychotraumatotogy at the University of Duhok in Germany.

Details of the prolific sex slave trade in ISIS-held territories got global attention when a Yazidi woman Nadia Murad revealed the details of her trauma after being rescued.

Murad said she was one of the 7,000 Yazidi women abducted from their families in Iraq in 2014.Dr Kizilhan who is of Kurdish background treats Yazidi women traumatised by ISIS, in a camp in Germany’s Stuttgart.

ISIS took the Yazidi town of Sinjar in 2014 and ordered the women to be sold as sex slaves and asked the men to convert or face execution.

ISIS consider Yazidis to be devil worshippers because they worship a peacock deity.

The town of Sinjar which is 120 km from Mosul the erstwhile ISIS-stronghold, saw a horrific massacre at the hands of ISIS fighters in which Murad’s family including 6 brothers and her mother were murdered.

The Yazidis are a non-Muslim majority-Kurdish-speaking religious group which lives in northern Iraq.

The Yazidi community has a long history of being persecuted as infidels by Muslim rulers who wanted them to convert.

Another Yazidi girl Ekhlas spoke about the horrors she faced as a 14-year-old sex slave repeatedly sold and bought until she fled when her captor was out fighting.

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