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GFATF - LLL - Husnain Rashid

Husnain Rashid

September 4, 2020 Extremists

Place of Birth: Lancashire, United Kingdom;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: British;

General Info:
Husnain Rashid is an Islamic State supporter who is being accused of encouraging attacks on Prince George.

He used an encrypted messaging app to urge extremists to carry out ‘lone wolf’ attacks, including one on Prince George shortly after he started school at Thomas’s Battersea, south London.

Rashid’s prolific Lone Muhajid Telegram channel operated as an ‘e-toolkit for terrorism’. He is thought to have sent some 300,000 messages on the app in the 18 months before his arrest.

Rashid posted a photo of the four-year-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alongside the chilling message: ‘Even the royal family will not be left alone. School starts early.’

The Islamic religion teacher urged followers to inject ice cream with poison and to ‘blow up and slaughter’ fans at the World Cup in Russia.

Rashid, who was in communication with a British Islamic State operative in Syria, had also started to create an online magazine called the Lone Mujahid – the same name given to his Telegram channel.

Investigators believe that Rashid was setting up an operation to ‘mirror’ the Islamic State propaganda unit in Raqqa, Syria.

Rashid also posted a map of Sixth Avenue in New York with the message, ‘New York Halloween Parade. Have you made your preparations? The Countdown begins.’

When officers raided his home, Rashid ran out the back door of the house to escape police and threw his mobile phone high into the air to avoid being found with it in his possession.

Rashid had maintained his innocence at the start of his trial but dramatically changed his plea three days into proceedings and admitted to a string of terrorism offences. He was handed three concurrent life sentences.

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