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GFATF - LLL - Ibrahim Amine al-Sayyed

Ibrahim Amine al-Sayyed

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: Chairman of the Political Council, member of the Shura council;

Roll: Started his way as representative in Iran. Came back to Lebanon and became one of the senior leaders of Hezbollah. Oversaw the connection with Iranian regime through their embassy in Beirut alongside with Nasrallah. Was a parliament member in the 90’s representing the Bekaa District;

Location: Lebanon;

Born: 1960;

Place of Birth: Haouch al-Nabi, Baalbek District, Lebanon;

Gender: Male;

Type(s) of Organization: Militia, political party, social-service provider, terrorist, transnational, violent;

Ideologies and Affiliations: Iranian-sponsored, Islamist, jihadist, Khomeinist, Shiite;

Known also as: Ibrahim al-Amine;


Ibrahim Amine al-Sayyed, who went under the pseudonym “Ibrahim al-Amine” for a period, was born in the village of Haouch al-Nabi in the Baalbek District, in eastern Lebanon.

Al-Sayyed was then dispatched to Beirut as Hezbollah’s official representative to spread the new party’s message in the heavily Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut. At the time, he was Hassan Nasrallah’s boss.

Both al-Sayyed and Nasrallah also acted as Hezbollah’s liaison officers with Iran through its embassy in Beirut, most notably with Mohammad Nourani, the charge d’affairesbetween 1981-1985.

Magnus Ranstorp, in his book Hizb’allah in Lebanon: the Politics of the Western Hostage Crisisclaims al-Sayyed was appointed as Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General during its second conclave in 1991.

However, other sources claim this position went to Naim Qassem at the time, including Qassem’s biography on his website.

Al-Sayyed – along with seven other Hezbollah members and four non-Shiite affiliates – was elected as a member of the Lebanese Parliament representing the Bekaa District during the 1992 elections as part of its Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc, which he headed. He was elected again in 1996.

In 1994, al-Sayyed helped establish Hezbollah’s Islamic Center Association for Guidance and Higher Education.

He was elected to Hezbollah’s Shura Council during the party’s sixth conclave, held in July of 2001, and replaced Mohammad Raad as the head of the Political Council. He has maintained that position, and his membership on the Council, since then.

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