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GFATF LLL Ibrahim Suleiman Hussein Mohamad

Ibrahim Suleiman Hussein Mohamad

Terror organization: Hezbollah;

Status: Was an operative in unit 910, (no information if he is an operative today as well);

Roll: He was the one who brought the detonators to Argentina from Brazil for the attacks in Buenos Aires at the Israeli embassy in 1992, and at the AMIA building of the Jewish community in 1994. He brought them in packages of chocolates and bottles of shampoo while he was flying in a commercial flight;

Location: Lebanon (estimated);

Born: 1960;

Place of Birth: EL KHAIM;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Lebanon;

Known also as: Hussein Suleiman;

Argentina’s Supreme Court of Justice issued an international arrest warrant against Hussein Mohamad Ibrahim Suleiman, a Hezbollah member who is being investigated for his involvement in the 1992 attack against the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

The attack, which came two years before the bombing of Jewish organization AMIA in Buenos Aires, killed 22 people and injured more than 200. The court on Thursday also reiterated the warrant to arrest Jose Salman El Reda Reda, also as a suspect in the deadly attack.

Suleiman was arrested in Jordan in 2001 and confessed that in 1991 he traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, later transporting to Buenos Aires the explosives used in the deadly blast.

The ruling from Argentina’s highest court said, “Since 2005, this Court has been investigating Hussein Mohamad Ibrahim Suleiman as an operative agent of the Hezbollah terrorist organization and a member of the Islamic Jihad.”

The ruling added that: “Recently, in September, 2015, the Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry, confirmed the information and thus the international arrest warrant was issued on the named.”

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