IDF eliminates Oct.7 terrorist in Gaza, reports of 30 killed

IDF eliminates Oct.7 terrorist in Gaza, reports of 30 killed

The IDF spokesman gave an unusual update in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to which a terrorist from the military wing of Hamas who was involved in the massacre on October 7, was eliminated in an airstrike in Khan Yunis.

According to the IDF, the terrorist was killed with “precision weaponry”, but in the Gaza Strip, there are reports of damage to a nearby humanitarian tent where displaced Gazans were staying.

According to the Palestinian reports, around thirty people – including children, were killed.

The IDF spokeswoman stated that “the incident is being investigated.”

The documents circulated on social networks show a hospital in Khan Yunis, where about ten wounded were scattered on the floor of the emergency room. Some of them were bleeding heavily, others suffered from severe broken limbs, and some of them looked as dead.

Hamas’s use of human shields

Hamas have regularly been criticized for hiding their terrorists and infrastructure among civilians. The use of civilian shields by the terror group has been heavily documented throughout the war, with tunnels being located under UN facilities and terrorists being found in Gazan schools.

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