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LLL- GFATF - Indonesian Mujahedeen Council

Indonesian Mujahedeen Council


Established In: Unknown

Established By: Abu Bakar Bashir

Also Known As: MMI

Country Of Origin: Indonesia

Leaders: Unknown

Key Members: Muhammad Iqbal

Operational Area: Indonesia

Number Of Members: Unknown

Involved In: Armed attacks, Beating innocent people

Connected With:

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Connected Events:

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General Info:

The Majelis Mujahideen Indonesia (MMI), or Indonesian Mujahedeen Council, is an umbrella organisation of Indonesian Islamist groups. During the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, MMI established a command post at the Iskandar Muda Air Force base in Banda Aceh city to “help evacuate dead bodies, distribute aid and give spiritual guidance to survivors.”

MMI was founded by Abu Bakar Bashir, the former leader of Jemaah Islamiyah. Known members include Muhammad Iqbal alias Abu Jibril who has called for people to “Destroy America and its allies! Kill those who desecrate Islam!” at a public rally in May 2005. In response to the Execution of Saddam Hussein, Fauzan Al Anshori said George W Bush should also stand trial. “Given the crimes blamed on Saddam, it is unfair if George Bush is not also put before an international tribunal,” he said. “Saddam was executed for killing 148 people, Iraqi Shi’a Muslims, while Bush is responsible for the killing of about 600,000 Iraqis since the March 2003 invasion.

Campaign of violence:
In December 2007, it was reported that MMI members were involved in attacks on several Ahmadiyah mosques in Indonesia. The attacks were motivated by a fatwa issued a month earlier by Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) against heresy. In August 2008, Abu Bakar Bashir resigned his position as the Council’s supreme leader, charging that the groups internal democratic structure contradicted Islam, and stated that he should have absolute power within the organization.

When liberal Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji visited the Institute for Islamic and Social Studies in Yogyakarta to launch her book Allah, Liberty and Love in May 2012, hundreds of the group’s supporters attacked the event, injuring her slightly, along with her assistant, while beating dozens of other people.