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Iraqi army forces foiled terrorist plot in Nineveh

Iraqi army forces foiled terrorist plot in Nineveh

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The Iraqi National Security announced Saturday it apprehended seven wanted militants plotting a terrorist attack in Nineveh, north of Iraq.

The terrorists were wanted by the judiciary under Article 4 on terrorism and were planning to form a cell to attack the governorate. They confessed to carrying out armed attacks against the Iraqi security forces during the liberation operations.

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced its new procedures to curb terrorist operations and handle intelligence information on terrorists.

The spokesman Saad Maan said that measures were tightened at checkpoints based on security or intelligence information.

Maan pointed out that the number of fixed checkpoints was reduced in the recent period, while mobile ones were being used at different times and places.

The security and defense parliamentary committee announced that it has allocated part of this year’s budget to ensure the security of the Iraqi Syrian border.

A member of the committee, Abdul Khaliq al-Azzawi, said that securing the border is crucial for general security, especially as it faces great challenges in light of the increased activity of terrorist organizations in Syria that try to transfer their operations into Iraq.

Azzawi added that the committee supported a proposal to allocate a sum in the 2021 budget to finance the security plans for the Iraqi Syrian border, which would boost general security and reduce challenges, especially in the western regions.

Meanwhile, the Military Intelligence Directorate arrested four Syrians trying to infiltrate Zummar district in Nineveh.

The directorate issued a statement indicating that following accurate intel, it arrested four Syrians trying to illegally enter into the Iraqi territories.

Furthermore, the commander of Anbar Operations, Major General Nasser al-Ghanem, announced that a number of ISIS members had been killed, including the military official, during a security operation in al-Rutba desert.

Ghanem declared that the First Division of Anbar Operations Forces killed the ISIS operatives who were wearing explosive belts in Faydat al-Ghazlan area in the desert.

In Kirkuk, Iraqi forces also pursued ISIS elements, especially after the organization increased its operations in the governorate and nearby areas.

Spokesman of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, announced that the security forces had killed a number of ISIS terrorists in a clash in the Daquq district, in eastern Kirkuk governorate.

Rasoul announced that a unit of the 9th Armored Division combed Wadi al-Sham in Daquq, in pursuit of ISIS remnants, noting that the operation resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists, and the discovery of a number of explosives and booby-trapped vehicles.

Source: Aawsat