Iraqi forces killed number of Islamic State leaders in Kirkuk

Iraqi forces killed number of Islamic State leaders in Kirkuk

Iraqi army forces, during a surprise operation, killed a number of ISIL leaders in Kirkuk province, Iraq, on Monday.

The series of anti-terrorist operations of Iraqi army continue in different parts of the country. Iraqi forces launched a new and large-scale operation against ISIL Takfiri remnants in Kirkuk province, Alsumariah News reported.

According to the report, Iraqi army forces, during a counter-terrorism operation in Kirkuk, succeeded in identifying and killing a number of leaders of ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Kirkuk province.

Meanwhile, heavy clashes erupted between ISIL Takfiri terrorists and Iraqi security forces on Sunday following ISIL Takfiri terrorists’ attack on Saladin province. Security forces managed to thwart ISIL’s attempts to infiltrate areas of this province.

However, Arabic-language media reported that six Iraqi security forces were injured during the clashes. Meanwhile, hidden ISIL cells have been activated in Tarmiya, Baghdad.

Tarmiyah area in Baghdad witnessed activities of some ISIL terrorist elements in the past two weeks.

In this regard, a number of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) forces, known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, were martyred as a result of an ISIL terrorist ambush in Tarmiyah area.

Source: Abna 24