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GFATF - LLL - Isaak El Matari

Isaak El Matari

March 2, 2021 Extremists

Born: 1999;

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Australian;

General Info:
Isaak El Matari is a wannabe jihadi arrested over an alleged plot to attack Sydney landmarks had been trying to adjust to life in Australia after being freed from a Lebanese jail three years ago.

He enrolled at the University of Western Sydney in an attempt by New South Wales police to distract the attentions from his alleged extremist views.

El Matari is also accused of planning to travel with a 23-year-old man to Afghanistan where they would pledge allegiance to the jihadis.

The Australian Federal Police would allege el Matari was also involved in a plot to attack Sydney police stations, defence establishments, embassies, councils, courts and churches.

El Matari had spent a year in a Beirut prison after being accused of planning to cross into Syria and join the Islamic State terrorist group.

Lebanese authorities claim el Matari became radicalised in Australia after watching Islamic State videos online.

In the month of his arrest, el Matari posted a photo of himself wearing Islamic clothing and squatting next to a sheep which had its throat cut.

According to the Lebanese court dossier, he was accused of downloading how to make bombs and videos of Islamic State assassinations from the internet.

El Matari took several steps, such as obtaining visas and buying plane tickets, towards travelling to Afghanistan to fight with Islamic State terrorist group there.

He had planned to purchase a firearm when he arrived in Afghanistan and through these activities he swore allegiance to Islamic State and he would carry out activities for Islamic State when he went overseas.

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