GFATF LLL 7 ISIS mercenaries captured in Iraq

7 ISIS mercenaries captured in Iraq

Today, the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior in Iraq said, in a statement, that “our detachments managed to arrest three wanted terrorists in accordance with the provisions of Article (4 / terrorism) for their affiliation with ISIS gangs,” according to Al-Sumaria News Network.

It added, “The terrorists provided logistical support to ISIS gangs in Diyala province, in addition to transmitting information about the movements of the security forces in the province.” For its part, the Nineveh Police Command stated, in a statement, that “Nineveh Police detachments and patrols arrested a number of suspects wanted by the judiciary, including four people belonging to ISIS terrorist gangs.”

It indicated that “detachments of the Directorate of Control Affairs and external roads arrested three members of ISIS terrorist gangs, at a time when detachments of the Qayyarah Police Directorate arrested a fourth terrorist,” noting that “they were handed over to the Directorate of Intelligence and Combating Terrorism in Nineveh.”

Source » hawarnews