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ISIS shares disturbing footage of fighters beheading a Taliban member in front of cheering children

ISIS shares disturbing footage of fighters beheading a Taliban member in front of cheering children

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ISIS has shared shocking footage of a Taliban fighter being beheaded in Afghanistan in front of a crowd of cheering children.

Three images taken from the gruesome clip were posted on the app Telegram and reportedly showed the public execution.

The Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors jihadi Internet traffic, said the clip also shows ‘many children, one of whom is armed, standing at the front of the crowd to witness beheading’.

The children and adults in civilian clothing appear to be cheering on the butchers.

MEMRI said ISIS dressed the victim in red and identified him as Fadl Ahmad from Kunar Province.

It comes as intelligence officials warned ISIS has been using a wave of terror attacks in the Afghan capital of Kabul as ‘practice runs’ for even bigger attacks on Europe and the US.

The Islamic extremist group is seen as a greater threat to Afghanistan than the Taliban despite this year losing its caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

The terrorists are expanding the group’s footprint across the northeastern mountains of the country as they recruit new fighters and plot attacks on the US and other Western countries, US and Afghan security officials said.

Two decades after the US-led invasion, the extremist group is seen as an even greater threat than the Taliban due to its increasingly sophisticated military capabilities and its strategy of targeting civilians.

Concerns run so deep that many have come to see the Taliban, which has also clashed with ISIS, as a potential partner in containing it.

A US intelligence official based in Afghanistan said on condition of anonymity: ‘This group is the most near-term threat to our homelands from Afghanistan.

‘The IS core mandate is: You will conduct external attacks’ in the U.S. and Europe.

‘That is their goal. It’s just a matter of time. It is very scary.’

Source: Daily Mail