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ISIS terrorists at a Syrian refugee camp threaten to burn Australian women and children

ISIS terrorists at a Syrian refugee camp threaten to burn Australian women and children

ISIS extremists are threatening to burn Australian women and children alive after eight children were rescued from Syria.

The eight orphans were transported to Iraq on Sunday in a secret operation organised by the Australian government.

But around 50 Australians are still stranded at al-Hawl and are now being looked at as traitors by Islamic State loyalists, who remain active at the refugee camp.

Reports suggest the remaining Australians have been intimidated and threatened with horrific violence as a result of Sunday’s evacuation, according to The Australian.

Save The Children international policy director Matt Tinkler told the publication: ‘Since the extraction, the risks for the 50 or so children and women who remain in the camps may have heightened.

‘Reports from the camp are that those remaining are being threatened and intimidated.’

He said the majority of those who remain are sick children and pregnant women who have ‘no place in a war zone’.

Amnesty International is calling for more Australians to be returned because they are starving, without water and are constantly threatened with violence in camps.

‘Around 60 Australian daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins remain trapped in this desperate part of Syria,’ Amnesty’s Australia refugee coordinator Graham Thom said in a statement.

‘The Australian government must do all in its powers to return all Australians who remain trapped in these camps.’

Save the Children are also calling for the return of more families.

Among those recused on Sunday were three orphaned children of Sydney terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, two of his grandchildren and three orphaned children of Yasin Rizvi.

Sharrouf’s eldest daughter Zaynab, 18, was one of those evacuated from the refugee camp, and gave birth to a daughter on Monday night, The Australian reported.

The birth comes after Zaynab and her two siblings were reunited with their grandmother, Karen Nettleton – who travelled from her home in Sydney to Syria earlier this year to find the children.

Zaynab was married when she was just 13, and gave birth to Ayesha three years ago, who she shares with Australian-born ISIS fighter ­Mohamed Elomar, her father Khaled’s best friend.

Elomar was later killed, and Zaynab went on to marry another Islamic State militant – with whom she had a second child.

After the defeat of ISIS last year, the three surviving children were taken to the Kurdish-controlled camp in northern Syria.

The most recent birth means the Sharrouf children can come back to Australia earlier than expected, as authorities were waiting for Zaynab to have the baby before bringing them home.

The news of their return comes after their grandmother tracked down her three surviving grandchildren to the al-Hawl refugee camp in Syria in March.

Karen finally found her grandchildren at the squalid campground of more than 70,000 refugees after desperately trying to bring them home for five years.

Airlines won’t let babies under one-week-old fly, so the family will stay in Iraq for the time being.

Zaynab’s three children will be DNA tested to determine she is their mother, to make sure they’re eligible Australian citizens.

Zaynab, her three siblings, her two daughters, and three children of Melbourne extremist Yasin Rizvic – who travelled to Syria in 2014 – were taken out of the camp.

Rizvic was a Bosnian-born ISIS fighter, who was killed along with his wife and their eldest son.

Authorities in NSW and Victoria will work with the children to get them back into society.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday said the children should not be punished for the crimes of their parents.

The Australian Federal Police will debrief the children upon their return home, before they’re settled by the Department of Family and Community Service, The Australian reports.

Source: Daily Mail