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Who will take the Islamic State psychotic killers?

Who will take the Islamic State psychotic killers?


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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According to a representative of the Northern Syrian Kurds, there are more than 9,000 foreigners allied with members of the Islamic State terrorist group living in the camp in the north of the country. However, there are more camps like this in Kurdistan.

Lumír Němec writes that during his stay in Syria in 2015, the Kurds from YPG and YPJ militias dealt with refugee problems and captured IS fighters. The Kurds have asked us for cooperation in providing help to approximately 800,000 people who were in the camp at the time. They wanted material support and, in return, offered cooperation in detecting and identifying members of the Islamic State in Europe. They had a great deal of information available about Europeans who had been fighting for the IS long term, as well as those who had only been in IS for a few months and then returned.

In 2015 and 2016, the Kurds turned to the European states with great hope, expecting that Europe would appreciate their contribution to the fight against IS and support their pursuit of autonomy. However, they did not receive any substantial support. Not only did we not help them materially, but we did not even help them politically.

In the Czech Republic, specifically, it was great to see the opening of the YPG office in Prague in 2016. It started with great hopes, but it shut down quietly after a few months. In short, the Kurds’ activity in local politics have provoked a considerable consternation and it has been made clear to Kurds that their actions in our country are undesirable.

Some states in Western Europe were more accommodating to the Kurds than the Czech Republic, but in general, everyone has tried to act so as not to nettle Turkish President Erdogan, whom Europe does not dare to anger.

Back to the present. The Kurds hope again that we will help them find a “solution” in regards to the captured IS members and their families. But they expect real support and not a few tents and grocery packs. No one is interested in long-term care for a bunch of psychotic killers and their families. Of course, leaving them in Syrian Kurdistan would be the easiest solution for us, but I am afraid that for Kurds this alternative is unacceptable. And after they experienced our treatment, it’s no wonder.

The question of “where to place the IS fighters” should be dealt with by politicians and should not be delayed too much. Otherwise, the Kurds might also be out of patience and simply bring IS fighters and their loved ones to the Turkish border and say: “Go in that direction.” I can imagine, for a number of reasons, that Erdogan will allow them to stay temporarily in refugee camps in Turkey so that after some time they can go to Europe as refugees.

Source: RMX News