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March 5, 2017 » Today News

Islamic State ‘gallery’ reveals murals about ISIS’s dream of conquering Italy

Islamic State ‘gallery’ reveals murals about ISIS’s dream of conquering Italy

ISIS has vowed to invade Rome in huge murals discovered under the part-liberated city of Mosul.
Chilling messages have been scrawled across the walls of the jihaid bunkers, recently visited by Iraqi forces, pushing the terrorists back towards the west of the city.

Coalition-backed forces have already battered the jihadis and left them fleeing from the east.

Now, as they leave the city, their underground lairs have been discovered.

Twenty five metres deep beneath the city a 2km long “gallery” was found.

An old railroad tunnel from Mosul to Baghdad was used as a training ground.

According to Italian Gli Occhi della guerra, the bunker then became quarters for commanders and their families.

Volunteers for the Caliphate, from the Middle East and the West, are believed to have assembled in the tunnel, to be trained to wage jihadi.

Among the drawings are murals fearing a Kalashnikov while the floor is littered with poles, tires, vests and other war debris.

In a huge black mural along the wall one drawing states: “We will invade Rome, Insha’Allah.”

The bunker gallery of ISIS is located near the airport in Mosul, the Italian reporters claimed.

ISIS ships heading for Rome were featured in the massive painting.

“We discovered it at the beginning of the offensive towards the airport. From the sky you could not see it because it was completely underground near the village of Abu Saif,” Colonel Abdul Amir from special Iraqi bodies told Gli Occhi della guerra.

Those who recently ventured into the cave-like HQ found a mural on the walls “every hundred meters” with slogans which included “against the crusaders”.

But it is one in particular which will anger Rome – the picture which has been painted next to the ISIS flag, showing the dreamed descent into Italy.

However, those who oppose ISIS have mocked them for their paintings.

”Invading your capital? But if they are losing Mosul, how could they think of threatening Italy?” Lieutenant Ahmed Galeb said.

Colonel Amir said: “Since the offensive to free the city and the air strikes targeting the leaders of Daesh, the tunnel has also become a bunker for the leaders and their families, who were afraid of being killed.”

Although the bunkers may have been hit by airstrikes they have not been damaged inside, it was revealed.

ISIS believes the conquest of Rome is central to its mission.

Hardliners have long suggested it is necessary to fulfil the prophecy of Muhammed.

Source: /Express

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