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January 9, 2021 » Today News »

Islamic State editorial on the riots in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington

Islamic State editorial on the riots in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington


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The US Capitol riot on Wednesday, in which some Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC, understandably attracted global attention, with many making calls for ‘restraint by all sides’ in a jab at similar American calls directed to other countries where unrest occurs.

The Islamic State, for its part, has made the riot the subject of its editorial in this week’s issue of its al-Naba’ newsletter, although the editorial has little description of the events itself and offers more of a grander overview of the meaning of the unrest.

The editorial argues that the intense internal partisanship in America will make the country focus more on its internal problems and less on waging war on the Islamic State, and already there has been a great retreat in the efforts on that front. However, this retreat does not mean complete disengagement, and the editorial claims that even countries that claim hostility to America (e.g. Iran) are terrified by the retreat in the ‘Crusader’ war on the Islamic State, which they supposedly fear more than they fear American hegemony.

In any case, the war with America and its allies and all paths of disbelief continue until Islam is supreme over the entire Earth, for fighting is based on fighting disbelief, and not the skin colour, political affiliation or globalist/isolationist tendency of the ‘Taghut’ (idolatrous tyrant) who assumes the American presidency.

Incidentally, this editorial gets the name of the president elect Joe Biden wrong. For the information of the editorial writers of this garbage editorial, it is ‘Joe Biden’ and not ‘John Biden.’

The American elections are not the first in which there is opposition and suspicion about its results, and it will not be the last, and the protests we witnessed yesterday are not the first in America, and likewise will not be the last, even if the symbolism of the protests yesterday is greater because they saw the assault of one of the most important centres of sovereignty in America: namely, the ‘Congress’ building during the meeting of the Tawagheet who legislate besides God Almighty in order to confirm the instalment of the new Taghut of America: ‘John Biden.’

The one who reads the history of Crusader America finds that it has witnessed during the past decades greater and more dangerous internal events, whose constant cause is a feeling by a group of the inhabitants in it that the other groups have power over it and its lack of what it considers to be rights for it, or a desire to change the form of the political regime ruling the country since more than two centuries.

And this is the affair of the ‘democratic’ states sometimes, when it is not possible for the groups to establish the change that they want through the ‘democratic’ means or they are prevented even from using these means, so they resort to pressure on the governments and other groups through one means or another, threatening to destroy the ‘democratic’ regime that does not serve them.

And the bitter feeling of defeat that the supporters of the ‘Taghut’ Trump have expressed during their recent protests- which followed the protests of their adversaries from the supporters of the ‘Democratic Party’ during the past year- will push them to exert more effort and offer more support for their Taghut during the next four years or whoso stands with him alongside the seat of the presidency, in order to achieve revenge for themselves and achieve victory over their adversaries again.

This means that the conflict between the two parties and their supporters inside America will be very intense, and the focus of the policies of the two parties during this time will be greater on the internal issues to guarantee gaining more electoral votes.

What concerns us in this whole matter, is that Crusader America will be more occupied with itself and that that political conflict inside it will push its leaders to reduce the spending of resources on the war on the Muslims, and to continue withdrawing from their regions, and concentrate their concern on the internal issues and external ones that have direct impact on the lives of the Americans inside it, and on the security of its foundational allies outside it. But it has also distracted all the states hostile to America in the world or those competing with it in the field of hegemony.

But at the same time, we know that the preoccupation of America with its internal problems does not at all mean its withdrawal from the entire world in one go, nor its entry into a state of turning inwards, as some delusional people think, but rather the acceptance of the participation of some of the other forces of disbelief in division of gains and influence instead of hegemony and egoism, and it is what those forces are hoping for in this time.

For America during the past decade was mostly focused on preserving the predominant system in the world, and consolidating the gains that it realised previously, in order to be able to catch its breath to follow up with the realisation of more hegemony and achieve more gains. And this is what conflicted with the orientations of the states competing with it and which strive to grow in various aspects, putting them in constant and definitive friction with America, which wishes to curb those ascending forces and slow their growth.

And this is what those states reject, which will lead in the end to the occurrence of confrontations in various ways, or America’s acceptance in the end of participation with these states in return for a tacit acknowledgement by them of the American hand upon them, and their paying in return for this participation the costs of preserving the current system, militarily, economically and politically.

The American focus on the war against the Islamic State has retreated significantly, and the clearest expression of that has been their announcement of the false victory over it in order that they might justify that retreat. Then they returned to replace the announcement of ‘victory’- after its falsehood became clear- with the announcement of success in ‘containing it’ or ‘checking its growth’ or similar terms that mean in the end that the confirmed aim of American from this war is to delay the Islamic State’s ability to rule the countries of the Muslims by the Shari’a of God Almighty as much as possible, with their certainty that this matter’s occurrence cannot be prevented entirely, by the permission of God Almighty.

And this retreat in the American war on the Islamic State, and the wilting of the international Crusader campaign against it, not only impact the fears of the Tawagheet loyal to America in the region, but also it has terrified many of the sides that claim hostility to America and waging war on it, as they fear the Islamic State and its soldiers more than they fear the American influence and hegemony. And that is the case with Rafidite Iran and the apostate parties and factions that falsely claim adherence to Islam.

And as in each stage of the stages of the conflict between Islam and disbelief, we renew today our slogan that we raise after every conquest or retreat: ‘Now…now the fighting has come.’ For our war is with Crusader America and its allies and the all the paths of disbelief, and it is as though it has only just begun, and it is remaining until there is no idolatry on all the Earth, and obedience and rule in it belong to God Almighty alone the Lord of the Worlds.

The state of this war is not altered through the presidency of America being assumed by a black or white Taghut- ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’, ‘globalist’ or ‘isolationist.’ For we fight them for their disbelief and enmity against the Muslims, and not for any other matter. And God Almighty will grant us victory over them, and the outcome is for the pious, and praise be to God the Lord of the Worlds.

Source: Pundicity