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Islamic State fanatic Fatah Abdullah jailed for life for masterminding 8,000 matches terror attack

Islamic State fanatic Fatah Abdullah jailed for life for masterminding 8,000 matches terror attack


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An Islamic State fanatic who encouraged a terror cell in Germany to commit mass murder with a car, bomb and meat cleaver has been jailed for life with a minimum term of nine years.

Kurdish Fatah Abdullah, 35, learned how to make a pressure cooker bomb to teach his continental conspirators Omar Babek and Ahmed Hussein.

He bought more than 8,000 matches, explosive precursors, fireworks, fuses and a remote control detonator, the Old Bailey heard.

It is believed he may even have tested out some ingredients to make gunpowder from his flat in the Arthur’s Hill area of Newcastle, the court heard.

In an encrypted message, he told the plotters in Germany: ‘You select your target for the car, after you have set off the explosions, you target crowd or group of people with your car you drive through them, and find a meat clever which is used by butchers, once you have ran them over with the car get out of the car start attacking them with it.

‘If you couldn’t attack them with a car after the explosion attack them with knife, Sword or meat cleaver.

‘The aim is that you kill them and make them feel terrified and show them that (so-called Islamic State), is here and Islam is here, the most important thing is that you carry out the jihad.’

Abdullah, who was granted asylum in the UK, was arrested a month before Hussein and Babek were caught last January.

In an attempt to distance himself, Abdullah claimed he bought a pocket knife on Amazon to cut grass for his rabbits.

A food mixer from eBay was to make pizza dough and an SAS-style balaclava was for when it was cold, he said.

Abdullah also told police 200g of sulphur powder was for growing flowers and denied knowing about its use in the production of gunpowder.

Hussein and Babek went on to plead guilty to preparation of a serious act of violent subversion involving unlawful handling of explosive substances and were sentenced to four years, eight months in prison in Germany.

Source: Daily Mail