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Islamic State prisoner predicts terror attacks on Europe in response for al-Baghdadi’s death

Islamic State prisoner predicts terror attacks on Europe in response for al-Baghdadi’s death

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A captured Islamic State fighter has predicted that retaliatory terror attacks in Europe in response to the U.S. operation that killed the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

‘I think now maybe in Europe something is going to happen because many people may be upset about this thing,’ Muhammed Hasik, 25, told ABC News when asked about the impact of Baghdadi’s death.

Hasik, a native of Bosnia who worked for ISIS as a policeman in the group’s former strongholds of strongholds of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, is currently imprisoned in northern Iraq.

He now hopes to return to Germany, where he fled as a refugee at age six and now has two children of his own.

In the chilling interview, Hasik said that the death of Baghdadi would have no effect on the remnants of ISIS.

‘When one dies another pops up,’ he said. ‘This thing will not stop.’

‘Maybe it is going to become worse,’ he said. ‘It’s more dangerous than before’

Hasik showed no remorse as he was pressed about the atrocities committed by ISIS, including rape, murder, torture and terror attacks on innocent civilians.

‘I didn’t write their destiny,’ he said. ‘This is their destiny.’

Hasik said he believed Germany should allow him to return, saying that he had done nothing wrong by joining ISIS in August 2014.

‘I was just a policeman,’ he said. ‘We just caught people doing drugs and things like that. I was just doing a job. This war is dirty. And I’m fed up with war. I want to live a normal life with my family and kids.’

He said that he expected to be freed soon.

‘Yes, of course,’ he said. ‘Because I didn’t break no law in my eyes.’

Hasik surrendered to American forces in 2017. He is now in the highest-level security prison in northern Iraq, which is estimated to hold thousands of terror suspects.

Source: Daily Mail