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Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for several recent terror attacks

Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for several recent terror attacks


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: afghanistan;

Islamic State-run online media have reported many attacks in Afghanistan and said the group claims responsibility for killing “over 30 military men and civilians” in the country.

One of the media outlets covered incidents from March 11 to March 17, in which time two explosions and two targeted gunmen attacks were reported.

The Afghan government does not reject Daesh’s presence in the country but says these attacks are carried out under the “umbrella of the Taliban.”

Two Daesh-run outlets reporting Daesh attacks occurring in other countries have mentioned Daesh attacks in Kabul and Nangarhar.

Issue no. 277 of the Daesh-run outlet reported the death of an officer and an infiltrator, while in the 278th issue five suicide attacks were mentioned in which “20 civilians and 13 security force members” were killed.

“These are Daesh activities, but they are supported by the Taliban and the Taliban is supported by Pakistan,” said Ali Ahmad, head of the provincial council in Nangarhar.

These attacks have been carried out in Kabul and Nangarhar and the government has blamed the Taliban for them.

“We can say that many incidents have happened in a short time that has made our people upset and it is not acceptable for them,” said Zabihullah Zmarai, a former member of the Nangarhar provincial council.

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, citing a report during a meeting with security officials, said 81 mines were defused in Surobi district in Kabul, and he added that there were confessions of some arrested Taliban suspects, but he chose not to disclose their identity. The Taliban has rejected such accusations.

“The Taliban facilitates Daesh activities and provides people for Daesh,” said Ahmad Zia Worsaji, a member of the media office of the first vice president.

But some politicians said that terrorist activities, including Daesh, are a threat to the country.

“It is a mystery for us too about why Daesh activities were covered and how they are linked with the Taliban,” said Sayed Ishaq Gailani, member of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan.

The Afghan government announced the defeat of Daesh in December 2019, but the group still claims responsibility for some attacks in Kabul and Nangarhar.

Source: Tolo News

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