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Islamic State terrorists strikes Kabul and recalls that the Taliban are not the only threat

Islamic State terrorists strikes Kabul and recalls that the Taliban are not the only threat


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The Islamic State of Joramsar, the Afghan arm of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack that cost the lives of at least 32 people and left dozens injured in Kabul. Terror struck again in the heart of Afghanistan, and the IS repeated its objective since last year it also attacked this same act of tribute to Abdul Ali Mazari, the political leader of the Shi’a ethnic minority Hazara who was kidnapped and killed by the Taliban. in 1995.

Two jihadists attacked the ceremony from a nearby building, and the security forces took several hours to reduce them. The group released a statement and a photo with their two “holy warriors ‘ through the Amaq agency, the usual way they use in these cases.

Prime Minister Abdulá Abdulá was present in the box of authorities, along with former President Hamid Karzai and the head of the High Council for Peace, Karim Jalili. All of them were urgently evacuated to safe places. “The attack started with a loud explosion caused by the launch of a rocket ‘Abdullah’s spokesman, Fraidoon Kwazoon, told Reuters after the shooting began indiscriminately against the fleeing crowd.

The Taliban immediately issued a statement to deny any involvement. It is the first major attack in the country since the insurgent group signed a peace agreement with the United States and one of the bloodiest in recent months.

The signing took place last weekend in Doha, but 48 hours later the Taliban commanders reported that they were resuming attacks against the security forces and the Army as a pressure measurement to achieve the release of 5,000 of their detainees. The Islamist group demands this step from the Government before beginning the process of the national dialogue that should end with a definitive ceasefire.

Evacuated. Prime Minister Abdulá Abdulá and former President Hamid Karzai were in the compound

According to a balance carried out by ‘The New York Times’, just this week 88 members of the security forces and 13 civilians in the country died. This spike in violence prompted the United States to attack to protect its Afghan allies as well.

On paper, Taliban attacks are often targeted at security forces and government institutions, trying not to act indiscriminately so as not to lose their broad base of popular support. The IS, on the other hand, follows the tactic it employs in the Middle East and directly hits civilians, especially in areas inhabited by the Hazara minority, followers of the Shiite branch of Islam, who are considered apostates.

The IS arrived in the Asian country in 2014 and is made up of jihadists splintered from the Taliban who swore allegiance to the caliph, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, after the self-proclamation of the caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The United States and the Taliban sign a peace agreement that sets in motion the withdrawal of troops

From his Twitter account, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani condemned an attack that he defined as “a crime against humanity ‘ and called his political adversary and prime minister, Abdulá Abdulá, who has contested the results of the last presidential elections. Abdulá told the media that “it is necessary that an authentic and credible investigation be carried out and that it not remain as vague as has happened with other previous incidents.”

Source: Intallaght