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Israeli security forces thwarted numerous car ramming terror attacks

Israeli security forces thwarted numerous car ramming terror attacks

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Seven officers, including Israel Police and Border Police, were injured in a ramming attack at a police checkpoint in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Sunday.

The driver of the vehicle, a resident of east Jerusalem, was quickly shot and killed by an officer after the attack.

One officer was lightly injured by friendly fire. Haaretz reported she had been shot in the leg. Two officers were evacuated from the scene in moderate condition.

An additional ramming attack was thwarted by IDF combat soldiers positioned near the Palestinian town of Huwara in the West Bank on Monday morning.

While reports initially indicated one injured individual in the attack, the IDF later confirmed that there were no injuries involved. The assailant was neutralized at the scene.

The suspected vehicle began accelerating toward IDF combat soldiers positioned in the area southern of Nablus, crashing into an IDF patrol vehicle. The suspect was arrested and taken to be interrogated.

Multiple fires broke out in different areas of the West Bank throughout Sunday and Monday morning, caused by terrorist activity, the Fire and Rescue Services reported.

Fires broke out in 97 different areas in the West Bank, 32 of which were caused by hostile activity that included the use of Molotov cocktails, riots, burning tires and intentional arson.

Most fires broke out near main roads and adjacent to populated towns and military bases.

Among the dozens of incidents, two were classified as significant, regarding their scope and threat imposed on civilians. The first took place near the Jewish settlement of Gvaot Shama, where fire teams were eventually able to limit the spread of the fire and prevent it from reaching the settlement’s residential area.

One fire and rescue team making its way to the scene was assaulted by suspects who threw a Molotov cocktail toward it.

The second serious fire broke out on the outskirts of city of Beitar Illit, endangering several houses. There too, fire teams were able to contain the fire and prevent its spread.

An attempted shooting attack took place near the Bani Naim Junction in the Judea council Sunday, according to the IDF. No injuries were reported.

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