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GFATF - LLL - Jahanzaib Sami

Jahanzaib Sami

October 23, 2020 Extremists

Born: 1984;

Place of Birth: India;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Indian;

General Info:
Jahanzaib Sami is an Islamic State operative who had arranged a Bitcoin wallet address, through a British contact, on which he asked associates to deposit funds – the first documented allegation of the use of cryptocurrency in terror activity in India.

Sami and his wife Hina Bashir were arrested in Delhi on March 8 for allegedly planning to carry out attacks in India. He planned to carry out 100 bombing in a single day.

According to the charge sheet, they received the Bitcoin address on Threema, an instant messaging app, from an account called Caged Pearls, which belongs to a British woman based in Syria.

He also got in touch with a Libya-based Islamic State operative who possessed an ID ‘Sech Tech’, to discuss arranging funds through “blockchain technology”.

Cryptocurencies such as Bitcoins leverage a technology known as blockchain, a decentralised, distributed ledger that tracks transactions. These are anonymous and nearly impossible to track, and are commonly used in dark web transactions.

The charge sheet said Sami discussed the possibility of using this to source weapons and explosives raw material.

Sech Tech, a member of Islamic State’s intelligence and media unit, told Sami that he works in dark web and provides Bitcoins for funding of the outfit, the NIA said.

Also the couple, had been in touch with senior ISKP members in Afghanistan to exploit the ongoing agitation against the amended citizenship law to incite Muslim youth to carry out terror strikes.

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