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Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar finally added to UN terror list

Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar finally added to UN terror list


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The United Nations’ 1267 Sanctions Committee on the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda on May 1 placed Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) leader Masood Azhar on its global terror list. The committee announced the designation of Azhar over his organisation’s ties to Al-Qaeda.

This could be possible only after China that had been halting the process by applying technical holds, withdrew objection to his listing. India had been relentlessly after China’s throat seeking listing since 2016 with the February 14 Pulwama attack on the Central Reserve Police Force in Kashmir claimed by the JeM powering the latest thrust. UNSC permanent members – the US, United Kingdom and France— also backed the Indian resolution.

The decisions of UNSC 1267 Sanctions Committee are taken through consensus. Earlier proposals to list Masood Azhar failed as China opposed it tooth and nail despite requisite consensus in the Sanctions Committee. To save face Beijing now says that its objections were removed only after the proposal was “revised”.

Like a chameleon Pakistan is constantly changing its colour. It supported Azhar all along but now talks of resolve to counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and not let any banned outfit operate from its territory. It had to immediately declare enforcement of sanctions on the terrorist like ban on foreign travel, assets freeze and arms embargo. It talks of implementing the National Action Plan against terrorism and extremism and UN proscribed entities and individuals.

Azhar ban was long way overdue. It should have followed immediately after the Kandahar Hijacking but happened, finally. Now Pakistan must .show its true, sincere intent through positive action. Azhar’s designation is good for India, Pakistan and even China. Terrorists like him are cancer and brought bad name globally for Pakistan and China. It’s actually a blessing in disguise for Pakistan and will directly benefit it more than any other country. But Azhar should just not be an addition to already existing list of 140 people / organisations.

Pakistan must realise that promoting Azhars proved a liability. Far from serving any ‘strategic depth’, they ended up isolating the country internationally. Thankfully, lots of sane voices in Pakistan are appreciating the move as civilised people do not want to live in fear of war and terrorism. Azhar ban is good news for the sub-continent and south Asia. Pakistan should have proactively acted earlier as a good gesture. Its impending bankruptcy, desperate need for bailout package from IMF and imminent FATF blacklisting limited its range of options. Pakistan is silently weeping and consoling itself. It needed another country (India) to tell Pakistan that one of its citizen is dangerous to the world!

Linking Azhar to so called freedom struggle could backfire. Pakistan needs to check its backyard in terms of insurgencies of Baloch, Hazara and Fata.

China was the only country supporting this terrorist but relented bullying and capitulated under Indian pressure after losing face internationally. That’s the power of Indian diplomacy under Modi. China has been humiliated and lost credibility for protecting a recognised terrorist. China’s antics and delaying tactics will not be forgotten. The world must thank Masood for revealing China’s duplicity and true face leading to its diplomatic isolation.

The UN has delivered justice, finally. UN decision will serve the cause of peace, security, law and order. Terrorism has no place in modern world. There must be zero tolerance for terror. Terrorist is a terrorist. There is no good or bad terrorist.

International community must thank and compliment the US, UK, France and Germany for strongly supporting and putting pressure on China to designate Azhar. This is certainly a big emphatic diplomatic victory for India and validation of its stance. After Azhar fiasco can morally defunct China claim any authority to continue as member of UNSC? It’s time international community has a second thought on continuance of China’s membership of UN Security Council.

Source: New Delhi Times