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Jihadi bride who ran away to the Middle East to marry an ISIS playboy has her citizenship stripped

Jihadi bride who ran away to the Middle East to marry an ISIS playboy has her citizenship stripped

October 7, 2019 » Today News »

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A Jihadi bride who fled the country to marry an ISIS ‘playboy’ in the Middle East before he was killed has had her citizenship stripped.

Zehra Duman, 26, who was living in Melbourne before she left, has had her Australian citizenship stripped by the Morrison Government, The New Daily reported.

The Federal Government was able to strip her of her citizenship as she was a dual citizen of Australia and Turkey – however her two children have been left ‘stateless’.

Duman left Australia in 2014 to join up with ISIS before marrying Melbourne man and ISIS fighter Mahmoud Abdullatif who was killed in an airstrike the following year.

After which she was accused of taking on the role of recruiter for other ISIS brides.

Kamalle Dabboussy, who is the father of a different ISIS bride, told the publication he had spoken to Duman.

‘Zehra spoke to my daughter about it. She was most upset for her children more than herself. There’s no way she can get to Turkey. Basically those children are now stateless,’ he said.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne said they were working close with allied countries about how to handle those deemed a risk to the Australian population.

‘Australia remains concerned for the welfare of Australians in internally displaced persons camps in Syria and funds humanitarian agencies to deliver aid and support into the camps,’ she said.

‘As we have made clear, we will not put Australian officials, forces or our public in danger so any repatriation will occur only if safe to do so.’

Duman, now lives in the Al-Hawl camp, in northeastern Syria but had to move to a section of the camp monitored by cameras after being threatened with having her tent burnt down.

‘I tried to escape ISIS for years and now I come here and I’m still not safe,’ she said at the time.

She and her two children were some of the first people to leave Baghouz, surrendering to the SDF.

She explained the trauma of being under bombardment for so many years is unmanageable for her and her children.

‘You know what happens when I hear a plane now, or even a garbage bin, automatically my body has diarrhoea,’ she explained.

Her son is not only traumatised from seeing so much death, but also evidently has staphylococcus, as seen from the boil-like clusters all over his legs.

‘You know what my son says when [my daughter] is sleeping, look Mummy [she’s] dead. This is messed up, he’s three years old, how can he know what death is?’

Duman repeatedly called herself an idiot for travelling to Syria.

‘I want the Australians to know … my intention right now is to show that we’re not all the same. Some of us want help,’ she said.

She had hoped one day to return to Australia with her children until news of her citizenship being stripped was announced.

Source: Daily Mail