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Jihadi John killed at least 27 ISIS hostages during his blood-soaked reign as ISIS chief executioner

Jihadi John killed at least 27 ISIS hostages during his blood-soaked reign as ISIS chief executioner


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

 Affected Countries: syria;

Jihadi John murdered at least 27 ISIS hostages during his reign as the chief executioner of ISIS, investigators concluded.

The bloodthirsty jihadi – whose real name was whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi – was tracked down and killed by a US drone strike in November 2015 in Raqqa, in Syria.

He was part of a group of four British jihadis nicknamed The Beatles, who appeared in sick videos beheading western hostages, including two fellow Brits.

Two other members of the group, Alexanda Kotey and El-Shafee Sheikh, are currently being held by Kurdish forces in Syria.

Now details of the criminal charges British prosecutors secretly prepared against Emwazi have emerged have been obtained by the Daily Telegraph,

The document shows he was charged in November 2014 with 27 offences of murder and five offences of hostage-taking with an arrest warrant issued on January 28 2015.

This would have allowed prosecutors to bring him before a British court if he was detained in a country from which he could have been extradited.

The document was compiled by the Director of Public Prosecutions in response to a legal challenge against the Crown Prosecution Service by the mother of Sheikh.

“Mohammed Emwazi was killed in November 2015 and therefore has never been prosecuted,” it said.
The bloodthirsty terrorist was born in Kuwait in 1988, and died at the age of 27.

The family, who were Bedoon of Iraqi origin, lived in the town of Al Jahra, before moving to the United Kingdom in 1994 when he was six.

They settled in inner west London, moving between several properties in Maida Vale.

Jihadi John attended St Mary Magdalene Church of England primary school, and later Quintin Kynaston School.

In 2006, he went to the University of Westminster, where he received a lower second class BSc in Information Systems with Business Management.

Last year, a documentary revealed details of the hunt for him that resulted in the drone strike.

It also showed pictures of the terrorist unmasked, with a long bushy beard and wielding a Kalashnikov.

Drones had been searching for him for a year but he always surrounded himself with women and children and made sure he was in crowded areas.

Emwazi made strenuous efforts to avoid detection including using encryption programmes and wiping every computer he used to send messages.

Source: The Sun