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Jill Marie Jones

July 27, 2020 Extremists

Born: 1985;

Place of Birth: Arizona, United States;

Gender: Female;

Nationality: American;

General Info:
Jill Marie Jones is an Arizona woman who tried to send money to al Qaeda terrorist group. She was arrested at an airport as she tried to get to Syria.

Jones was booked by federal officers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on Wednesday before boarding a flight bound for Los Angeles, then Turkey, with the ultimate goal of entering war-torn Syria to work with terrorists.

Jones was arrested after checking her bags at the airport and making her way through the security check.

She was charged with attempting to provide material support to al Qaeda, and she faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Terror Activities:
Jones began communicating with an undercover FBI agent in March, who then connected her with a second undercover investigator, according to court documents.

During the course of their interactions, Jones expressed disdain for the United States and a desire to help al Qaeda terrorist group.

She allegedly purchased a $500 prepaid gift card that she thought was used to purchase scopes for rifles to “kill Americans.”

During discussions of the funding, she also noted the coronavirus relief checks that people in the U.S. received because of the pandemic.

Jones had first planned to travel to Afghanistan by way of Tajikistan, because of the coronavirus, the plan changed to going to Syria.

She had expected the undercover agent to travel with her. During her conversations with the undercover agent, she also allegedly hinted that she had considered domestic terrorist attacks in the past.

During her conversations, investigators said she spoke about not being overly concerned about where she would end up in the Middle East.

At one point, she allegedly suggested joining Tanzim Hurras al Din, also known as Guardians of Religion, a terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda, although she confessed she had little knowledge of the individual militant groups within the larger al Qaeda umbrella.

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