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Kevin Omar Mohamed

September 24, 2021 Extremists /

Born: 1992;

Place of Birth: Canada;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Canadian;

General Info:
Kevin Omar Mohammed (also known as Abu Khalid and Abu Jayyid) is a Canadian citizen who was convicted for trying to join the Islamic State terrorist group.

Mohammed’s background was West Indian-Canadian, not South Asian-Canadian, and he had considered joining both an al Qaeda affiliated group and the more radical Islamic State.

In 2014, Mohammed traveled to Turkey and was smuggled across the border into Syria by members of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group.

But, he returned to Canada where he continued to support the radical ideology and started posting on social media about terrorist attacks.

He downloaded al-Qaeda literature, manuals on bombs and poisons, and a tract justifying the killing of women and children

He was also seen meeting with Daniel Khoshnood, another former inmate who had a history of violence and whose phone contained more than 200 Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Taliban videos, as well as bomb-making guides.

In 2015, he stopped making tweets that supported the activities of Islamic State, in favour of the less radical al Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front).

However, an online request he made two days after radical jihadists attacked an airport in Brussels triggered his arrest.

Mohammed requested a customized scenario of the video game Call of Duty set in the Brussels airport that had just been attacked, which would allow him to play the role of one of the attackers.

Attached to the tweet in which he made this request, Mohammed placed an image, from the perspective of a shooter, of unarmed civilian airport patrons being slaughtered.

In 2016 Mohammed was arrested with large hunging knife and notes from al Qaeda publications on targets. He pled guilty in June 2017, and was convicted on October 31, 2017.

The maximum sentence he could have received was ten years, but Mohammed received a sentence of four and half years after agreeing to plead guilty.

Taking into account the time he was in custody, prior to his conviction, he served just two years.

His sentence included a requirement that he participate in a de-radicalization program while in custody, that he be monitored for a further three years after his release, and that he not access the internet for three years.

However, when the parole board considered his case in February 2019, it noted he had not participated in a de-radicalization program.

On July 8, 2020, an officer photographed a man alleged to be Mohamed waiting for a bus in Pickering, Ontario. He was holding a Samsung smartphone — a probation violation.

He was arrested that afternoon in Toronto. By Aug. 21, 2020, police said, they had gone through Mohamed’s phone.

Stored on the device, they alleged they found materials such as the Mujahedin Poisons Handbook, the Global Islamic Resistance Call and MujGuide, which shows how to make various types of improvised explosive devices, such as a “martyrdom belt.”

Police got warrants and searched Mohamed’s residences in Toronto and Whitby the next day. They found a Remington Air Master pellet gun and a Swiss Army handgun-style pellet gun, the court documents alleged.

Mohamed was arrested again on August 23, this time on a terrorism peace bond that alleged he may commit a terrorism offence.

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