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Khairat al-Shater

Born: 4 May 1950;

Occupation: Civil engineer and businessman;

Known also as: Muhammd Khairat Saad Abd el-Latif al-Shater; Khairat al-Shater.


Al-Shater is deputy to the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie, but is considered by some as the actual leader of the movement.

He was a candidate in the Egyptian presidential elections in 2012, but was disqualified due to his criminal record.

Al-Shater was arrested in July 2013, and accused of incitement to murder. Between 1968 and 2013, al-Shater was arrested a total of 6 times. Khairat al-Shater is a multimillionaire tycoon whose financial interests extend into electronics, manufacturing and retail.

In the early 1990s, he and his business partner Hassan Malek were imprisoned as part of the Salsabil investigation. Both were released in 1993.

None of the companies records show Khairat al-Shater as a director, however, it is possible that members of his family, such as his son Saad al-Shater are involved in his companies on his behalf.

Al-Shater is the founder of, the official English website of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The following information on al-Shater’s companies is mostly based on this source:

Khairat al-Shater Business Empire

Rawag Company (seized by the Egyptian government – July 2014)

Activity: Import and Export of Home Appliances
Registered Capital: 200,000 Egyptian pounds
Established: 16/12/2006
al-Shater’s role: Holds 75%, co-founder since 2001
Rawag holds the franchise for Sarar Clothing. Has ownership in: Istikbal Furniture, Maddock Company, Dalidress Company, Daniel Carimou.

International Company for Electronic Computing Systems: al-Mustaqbal

Activity: Buying and Selling Computers
Registered Capital: 25,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 1/5/1996
al-Shater’s Role: Holds 39% and is a Hidden Partner

Hassan Izz al-Din Malek and Partners

Activity: Clothes Dealing
Registered Capital: 30,000 Egyptian Pounds
al-Shater’s Role: holds 45%, probably co-founder

Al-Anwar Company for Trading and Agency

Activity: Import, Export & Commercial Agencies
Registered Capital: 100,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 1/12/2001
al-Shater’s Role: Holds 35%

Naqaa Company

Activity: Chemicals Trading
Registered Capital: 100,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 16/2/2002
al-Shater’s Role: holds approx. 33%. According to e-Shater’s 2007 linkedin page, he served as the company’s co-founder and owner since 2003.

Al-Salsabeel Company for Development, Investment and Project Management

Activity: Project management an commercial agencies
Registered Capital: 100,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 22/5/2005
al-Shater’s Role: holds 80%. According to al-Shater’s 2007 linkedin page, he served as the company’s principal owner since 2000.

ICG/ACG Company

Activity: Computer import
Registered Capital: 4,700,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 10/10/2006
al-Shater’s Role: holds 80%

Malek Electric Company

Activity: Production of Electric Tools
Registered Capital: 250,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 23/6/2004
al-Shater’s Share: approx. 20%

Mohammed Khairat Saad and Partners

Activity: Metalworks
Registered Capital: 10,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 1/1/2001
al-Shater’s Role: holds 40%

Al-Hayat International Company for Drugs and Alternative Therapy

Activity: Trade, Distribution, Imports and Export of Drugs and Chemicals
Registered Capital: 2,000,000 Egyptian Pounds
al-Shater’s Role: holds 50%

Islamic Print and Publishing House

Activity: Publishing of academic books
Registered Capital: 250,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 1/1/1992
al-Shater’s Role: holds approx. 38%

Malek Company for Ready Made Clothes

Activity: Trading in ready made clothes
Registered Capital: 500,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 11/11/1997
al-Shater’s Role: holds approx. 50%
The company is considered one of the leading MB joint ventures, aiming to hide the movement’s money.

Alshehab Auto Company

Activity: Bus manufacture
Registered Capital: 250,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 23/6/2004
al-Shater’s Share: Approx. 20%, co-founder

Ajyad Services Company

Activity: Maintenance and cleaning services
Registered Capital: 40,000 Egyptian Pounds
Established: 9/11/1991
al-Shater’s Role: holds 25%

Rawafid for Development and Project Management

Activity: Development and management of investment and trading projects
Registered Capital: 100,000 Egyptian Pounds
al-Shater’ Registered s Role: holds 60% via Salsabeel Company

Zad Supermarket Chain, owned by al-Shater,

CEO: Hassan Izz al-Din Malek, Partner and General Manager
Zad Supermarket was targeted by the Egyptian government, it was put under the management of the “Egyptian Company for Wholesale Trade”, together with Seoudi Supermarket chain, belonging to MB member Abdulrahman al-Seoudi.
Khairat al-Shater, Bahaa al-Shater and Saad al-Shater are registered as the company’s shareholders.
Zad was accused by the government of money laundering for the MB.

The Egyptian Company for Renaissance and Integrated Development aka Namaa Holding is al-Shater family’s holding company.

Al-Shater’s son Saad is the Managing director of Zad Supermarkets, a managing partner in Namaa Holding, a board member at SISCOM Group and now is a board member of Contact Center Egypt.

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