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ISIS kidnaps 200 children to use as human shields in desperate bid to remain in Mosul

ISIS kidnaps 200 children to use as human shields in desperate bid to remain in Mosul

March 27, 2017 » Kids Under Fire »


  • LLL-GFATF-ISIS Islamic State ISIS is an Islamic extremist terrorist organization controlling territory in Iraq...[+]

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ISIS have reportedly kidnapped almost 200 children to use as human shields in the battle for Mosul.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said 197 children had been taken hostage by the terror group near the Al-Nuri mosque where ISIS declared its caliphate nearly three years ago.

Elsewhere today Iraq’s prime minister Haider al-Abadi boldly claimed the terror group will be defeated ‘within weeks’ in the country.

He told Fox News: ‘At the moment we are at a very important juncture where Daesh is on the retreat. We in Iraq have been killing Daesh, removing them from our land. We are killing their aim so that recruits are minimal at the moment.

‘In Iraq the defeat is sure, it’s definite. We’ll finish the job in a very short time – it’s within reach…within the next few weeks.

We are defeating them militarily…we need the efforts of others to flush them out in Syria and other places.’

He also said last week’s Westminster terror attack was a result of ISIS trying to maintain its reputation as it faces defeat in Iraq.
He told the broadcaster: ‘They are trying to attract more recruits by doing these criminal acts’.

‘It’s like somebody who is dying and is just trying to flex his muscle at the last moment. The only way forward is to kill their home – just to finish them. Then they will not have any hope to commit such criminal acts.’

He was speaking after Iraqi forces reportedly killed 10 ISIS chiefs in a fresh round of air strikes in Mosul.

Source: /Daily Mail